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Island of Pianosa.


The island of Pianosa is a small paradise part of Italy's Tuscan Archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

In 1856 was established a penal colony considered a perfect place to isolate, segregate, and oversee prisoners.

The former President of Italian Republic Sandro Pertini became an inmate in 1932 for political reasons.

In the 70s the former sanatorium named Agrippa Branch was transformed into a maximum security prison to confine Mafia bosses and terrorists of Red Brigades, such as Giovanni Senzani, Renato Curcio, Alberto Franceschini, and Bruno Seghetti. Under Italian 41-bis article prison regime, in May 1977 600 detainees were transferred to Pianosa.

The island became an impenetrable prison until 17 July 1997, when Gaetano Murana, the last detainee involved in the killing of judge Paolo Borsellino, was transferred to another prison.

These years of Pianosa’s history are known for brutality inflicted on inmates.

The prison was closed in 1998.

Now the island hosts 22 detainees in semi-open-prison , they come from Porto Azzurro jail and work in agriculture and maintenance.


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